Visual Impact

The highway in the heart of the hekmeh neighborhood, uprooting gardens, destroying houses

The highway cutting throught the Hekmeh neighorhood, running towards Mar Mikhayel

The highway cutting through the large Orchard

The highway cutting through the orchard and piercing the historic facade of Armenia street / Mar Mikhayel

The road bridge over Armenia street, cutting through the historic urban facade

Making the bridge pretty?
The muncipality, in order to cover up the disaster of the bridge on Armenia street, is implying that efforts will be put in the “esthetic integration” of the bridge. They even suggested mirrors to reflect the facades and make the bridge “disapear”

Let’s pretend to forget that mirrors will probably blind drivers circulating on armenia street… Putting mirrors or any other device trying to make the bridge “pretty” will not change those essential facts : The historic facade of Armenia street will be pierced and torn apart, two of its nicest buildings will be demolished, and the coherence, the continuity of the street will be effectively lost. As for the palace, it will be disfigured and ridiculed by ending up adjacent to a highway which passes a few centimeters away from its side facade… Finally, the deep perspective of the street will be lost as well, blocked by the thick side of the bridge.

And let’s not forget that spaces under road bridges are never positive spaces. They always end up dirty, dark, undesirable, it is sufficient to see the bridges in front of College de la Sagesse, in Basta, in Tahweeta, in Bachoura, in Downtown, in Cola, and everywhere else, to be certain of that.

Bridges are also notorious for destroying neighborhoods and streets, generating undesirable spaces under them, and radically degrading surrounding property. Land-owners of adjacent property should go visit areas like Basta, Cola, and Tahweeta to understand the negative impact of such bridges.

Hashim Sarkis, architect, urban designer



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