The Project

The “Hekmeh-Turk” axis was supposed to be implemented in 1975, when the civil war started and stopped the project. It is supposed to pursue the Alfred Naccache avenue, from the crossroad with Charles Malek avenue, down to the Charles Helou avenue. In brief, from Spinneys/Collège de La Sagesse to the Port.

Cadastral map of 1964
In dotted, the “Hekmeh-Turk” axis as drawn in 1964

The Fouad Boutros project as drawn today

The project, superposed on areas already or to be expropriated
(source : CDR)

The project starts at the level of Collège de La Sagesse. Here, three levels cross. A covered trench, with its descending slopes allow cars to keep going along Charles Malek Avenue. On ground level, two one lane streets allow to enter and exist the Hekmeh neighborhood. A bridge (replacing the current white bridge) allows to keep going between Charles Helou avenue and Alfred Naccache avenue.

The bridge and covered trench on Charles Malek avenue

The highway than goes from a bridge, to a tunnel, with a first descending slope at the level of the Maronite Archbishopric and another one close to Armenia street. Between those two points, the highway is a tunnel. On ground level, the project includes two interchanges/roundabouts and one lane streets said to be “landscaped”…
(Note that only small trees can be grown on top of a concrete slab, and that these trees remain fragile all their life, need a lot of maintenance and watering and easily die in hot countries like Lebanon).


The tunnel in the heart of the Hekmeh neighborhood

The highway than goes out of the tunnel to become a bridge again. It crosses over Armenia Street.

Bridge on Armenia street

After the Armenia street bridge, it reaches the ground again, keep going north, along with counter-alleys, before rising again as another bridge, that crosses Charles Helou avenue and reaches its north side. A U-turn is introduced under the bridge to allow further exchanges. Thus, it ends in a complicated interchange, between Armenia street and Charles Helou avenue, between Charles Helou avenue and the Fouad Boutros highway.

North part of the highway and interchange


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