Movie – Beirut to Nowhere

A movie released in July 2014 by :

Panos Aprahamian

Karim Koleilat

Paul Gorra
Director of photography

Marwan Gedeon

This movie is a preview. A longer version should be produced, with the necessary funding. Anyone interested in contributing to the production of a longer and deeper exploration of the area affected by the Fouad Boutros highway project, should not hesitate to contact the administrator of this website.

A motorway connecting Beirut’s hilltop to the port is piercing through one of the city’s most historic neighborhoods, destroying on its way a garden – the only remaining one of its kind – and a whole series of heritage residential houses dating from the 1920’s.

This film explores the following setting of the garden and its surrounding houses, as well as the urban fabric of the area through the documentation of a resident who grew up there, and the neighborhood gardener. The film will also investigate the motorway project by talking to experts and activists and discussing how the project is increasing social imbalances in the city through the loss of communal spaces and the widening division in the city already highly divided due to sectarian lines and social class.

“The project is not about an Avenue, but a Motorway brutally cutting through an old and coherent urban and social fabric, located in a Central Area of Beirut City.” – Jihad Kiame, Architect and Urban Planner


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