Diverse studies

All documents can be downloaded

Since octobre 2012, several studies were conducted by independant experts and members of the Coalition against the highway project “Hekmeh-Turk” axis (“Fouad Boutros” road) :

طلب وقف فوري مع الغاء نهائي واستبدال لمشروع طريق محور “الحكمة  الترك”، ضمن ا مًا يُسمّى شارع “فؤاد بطرس” والنفق الجزئيّ (الممر السفلي) على شارع “شارل مالك” تقاطع مدرسة الحكمة
By the Civil Coalition against the highway project “Hekmeh-Turk” axis
This document is a summary of a more complete study that was done on the highway project. It includes a detailed assessment of the legal aspect of the highway controversy. It exposes the urban, social and traffic impact and flaws of the project. It also proposes new solutions to improve traffic through alternative infastructure projects.

A Report on the Fouad Boutros Highway and its consequences on Ashrafieh and the Hikmeh Neighborhood
By Antoine Atallah with Save Beirut Heritage
This document zooms in on the Hekmeh neighborhood, the area that will be most affected by the highway. It includes urban and traffic impact assessment and an elaborate photographic survey of the area.
Note : this study was conducted in octobre/novembre 2012 at the begining of the mobilisation. Since then, our understanding of the Fouad Boutros highway has grown and some information might not be up to date.

Demande d’un moratoire sur l’adjucation par le CDR du projet de la voie rapide Fouad Boutros
By Habib Debs
This document includes a general traffic and urban assessment of the Fouad Boutros project and includes the first proposal and illustration of the Fouad Boutros Park.

Le Projet d’autoroute Hekmeh Turk et la question de l’embouteillage sur l’Avenue Charles Malek et l’axe Charles Helou – Hekmeh – Hôtel Dieu de France
By Joe el-Khoury with the Association for the Protection of the Lebanese Heritage
This document exposes in a detailed way the traffic impact and all the flaws of the Fouad Boutros highway

Impact de l’autoroute Fouad Boutros sur les parcelles au Nord de la rue d’Arménie
By Antoine Atallah, with Raja Noujaim
This document exposes in a detailed way the impact of the Fouad Boutros highway on the parcels north of Armenia street.

Risk of near highway cancer exposures study
By Nogenics, public health association
This document exposes, through certified and credible sources, the increase of cancer caused by the proximity of highways


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