Municipal Election: Support Beirut Madinati



The Civil Coalition Against the Fouad Boutros Highway supports theBeirut Madinati campaign which aims at bringing to the Municipal Council a group of competent and sensitive people, experts in the fields of urban planning, architecture, sociology, ecology, waste management, etc.

The Beirut Madinati program proposes clear answers to the constant traffic jams which have turned Beirut into a constant deadlock: “Our mobility strategy aims to shift the current modal distribution away from its heavy reliance on private car ownership, towards more sustainable means of shared modes of transportation (taxis, buses and vans) as well as soft modes of mobility (pedestrian, biking, etc.)

The Beirut Madinati group will turn away from the inefficient and archaic car-based mobility srategy of the past municipal councils. With this group, obsolete projects such as the Fouad Boutros Highway will be cancelled in favor of truly effective and contemporary strategies.

The summarized program can be read, and the full program can be downloaded here:
Beirut Madinati Program

Donations to help finance the campaign can be done here:

Spread the word, help out, vote!