The case against the proposed “Hikmeh-Turk” Axis in Ashrafieh (also known as Fouad Boutros Highway)

By Abdul-Halim Jabr & Antoine Atallah
Monday talk with Karaz w Laimoon

Monday 29 June 2015 (7 pm – Open to All)
AUB in The WAAAUB Club House (Mary Dodge Hall)

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Planned more than 60 years ago, the “Fouad Boutros” highway is today one of the most important projects of the Municipality of Beirut. Designed according to obsolete principles that have long been discredited, it does not bring satisfying answers to the contemporary challenges of Beirut, neither in terms of traffic management, nor in terms of urban environment. In an age where cities are being planned for pedestrians, active mobilitand public transportation, where the preservation of historical, urban and social fabrics is a priority of public policies, building the “Fouad Boutros” highway is an anachronism strongly opposed by civil society, professionals and academia.