Welcome to Lebanon : a TEDx talk on the potential of civil activism

Investigative journalist Habib Batah does an inspiring speech about the power of activism in Lebanon today, and mentions the fight of activists against the Fouad Boutros Highway project (at 6:30).

TEDx Talks presentation :

“This is Lebanon,” is what you hear people say about something broken that is seemingly impossible to fix. But beneath the often negative headlines, a quiet activism is on the rise in Lebanon. Citizens now have access to new forms of digital accountability and officials are under a lot of pressure to conform. Change begins with a question. Will it be yours?

Habib Battah is an investigative journalist, blogger, dirt digger. He is a contributor to BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera, The Daily Star and other newspapers and magazines. He is also the founder of The Beirut Report.

If you didn’t yet, please sign the petition against the Fouad Boutros highway