Bus stop or garbage bin?


Bus stop of garbage bin? (Courtesy of Jihad Kiame)

This is the scandalous state of bus stops in Sin el-Fil. Greater Beirut municipalities and the CDR have no policy for public transportation : only neglect. This is the outcome of blind privatization and abdication of public responsibility. The municipalities are good at lip service and grand posturing about future projects, but in reality, this is the status of their accomplishments.

As a result, the use of public transporation in Greater Beirut went from 8% of trips in 1999, to 2% of trips in 2011. (Agence Française de Développement)

There are clearly other priorities than building yet another highway.


2 thoughts on “Bus stop or garbage bin?

    • The CDR’s transport policies are limited to building roads and highways, which sometimes makes sense, but not at the expense of the necessary infrastructures for public transporation.

      There exists a plan done in 1994/1995, commissioned by the CDR and done by Team International (Tammam Nakkash). This documents includes plans for many levels of public transportation for Greater Beirut : 2 metro lines, bus lines, service lines, peripheral parkings, etc. New road infrastructures are only a small part of this report and interestingly, the Fouad Boutros highway is not even among them! This report clearly advocates strong policies in favor of public transportation. The CDR and Municipality(ies) of Beirut chose to ignore this priority. And instead focused on building more and more roads, because it is the easiest thing to do.

      (We have this study and we would be happy to share it)

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