The Fouad Boutros project raises more questions than it answers

Hummus For Thought


Introduction. The Fouad Boutros project by the Beirut Municipality is a 4-lane highway that stretches from Spinneys Achrafieh to the Beirut Port and aims to improve traffic conditions in the severely congested Achrafieh district; it is estimated at $75 million. The project dates back to the 1970s, but was pulled out of a dusty drawer in 2012 and approved for execution. This has sparked active public opposition by citizens, NGOs, and experts who have formed a Civil Coalition.

Despite the protests and petition signed by over 3,000 people, the municipality has refused to engage in dialogue or acknowledge the proposed alternatives. Regardless of the actual highway and its consequences, the way the project and the opposition to it have been dealt with by the municipality are an accurate exhibit of inefficient mentalities in the public sector. Here, I continue my coverage of the project which I started in a previous post entitled “Let’s Talk About the…

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