Neighborhood Meeting and Press Conference

This is part of an ongoing public awareness campaign to inform citizens, stakeholders and the media about the status of the “Fouad Boutros” highway project that is planned to cut across Mar Mkhayel and Hekmeh areas, to chart out ways to counter it and to present the need for alternative project, especially the “Fouad Boutros” Park.

The municipality and the CDR keep pushing for the project to be implemented, by proceeding illegally with expropriation formalities even though the “Environmental Impact Assessment” (EIA) is still at its scoping phase, and despite of the mobilization of civil society, citizens, NGOs, professionals and academics, in refusal of it.

We look forward to having a mix of residents and Beirut citizens, NGOs, concerned professionals and media people in view to show the Administration that we really “mean Business”, denouncing their wrong doing and confirming again and to all that we will never permit this Highway project to be…

The event is expected to be two hours long- one hour will be devoted to three speakers, followed by about one hour for questions and discussions.

Time: Tuesday, the 26th of August 2014 at 11 AM – 1 PM
Location: The Tobagi Family Private Garden – Armenia Street – Mar Mikhael – Rmeil (see map below)
Jihad Kiame/ Architect– Urban Planner
Urban planning overview and launch of the “Group Declaration” signed by experts

Raja Noujaim / legal & administrative officer – Quantity Surveyor & Quality controller
Description and assessment of the project / Alternatives to the project

Antoine Atallah / Architect – Urban Designer
Presentation and launch of the website against “Fouad Boutros” Highway Project

Mohammad Ayoub / Executive Director of “NAHNOO”

For More Information, please call 03/605569 (Raja Noujaim / general coordinator of the Coalition)

Map event


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